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  • Program Overview

    Your NSL Loan Adviser will review your current Student Loans with you and explain exactly how the DOE Programs work.

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    Next we will review eligibility based on loan type(s), loan origination date(s), annual income, household size, and state you live. Call us at 1-800-771-5489 for a free consultation.

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    Once program is chosen, sit back and relax! Your NSL Student Loan Adviser and our professional processing team will handle all the heavy lifting for you.

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Not very often do you, hear a radio advertisement for a product or service you are happy to recommend. AmeriHelp! Delivers exactly as promised. Thanks AmeriHelp!

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After 3 years I was finally able to have peace of mind. Through AmeriHelp's debt management program I was able to really make a progress in paying off my student loan debt and become debt free!

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What I like about my job: being able to help people; hearing the sigh of relief when I say they are approved; knowing every single day that this is a job I can take pride in...That is not something everyone can say when they go to work.